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Imagine a town run entirely by children... where they could pretend to do a bunch of chores for a few hours... and you wouldn't have to clean up afterwards. And it's indoors. And you can watch them while having a coffee. cool right? This is the Warwick Children's Play Village. After hearing very positive things about it in recent years, but not being organized enough to book, I was finally able to take my two sons aged six and four in August 2019 to check on it. Watch my video below, then read on to find out more. Please note that this is an independent review and we pay for it. If you find it useful, please consider me a coffeeto support the operation of this website.

Where is Children's Play Village, Warwick and how much is it?

The address of Children's Play Village, Warwick is Unamed Road, via Hampton Rd, Budbrooke, Warwick, CV35 8HA. It's about 1 hour 5 minutes from where we live in Milton Keynes, but allow an extra 10 minutes for roadworks on the M1. They say on their website not to use the zip code in your sat nav. I didn't read this before I left. I put the zip code in my car and it took us there. I think it depends on how old your sat nav is. Check Google Maps before you go - it's accurate. Anyway, the point is that it's in an off the beaten path location, tucked away from the main road, although there are a few signs as you get closer. The building, as can be seen below, is also quite modest. At the time of our visit it was £8.95 per child and £1 per adult on weekdays. Children are charged £9.95 on weekends. Trackers are £5 and Babes in Arms are free. This is as of August 2019. I never understand why places adults wouldn't go alone charge per adult; I guess the cost doesn't seem too high for kids if they want to raise their prices. Anyway...

PLEASE NOTE - September 2020 - prices have gone up since this review was written - check it outits websitefor the last.

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Children's Village, Warwick review - Milton Keynes Kids (3)

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What should I know about Children's Play Village, Warwick?

Before I tell you more about it, because you already think it meets a lot of criteria for visiting with the kids, here's what you need to know... YOU MUST BOOK IN ADVANCE and it's a popular place, especially when the kids are out. from school. It's not the kind of place you can decide to go to on a whim, or plan a date tomorrow due to inclement weather. The first sessions of the day seem to fill up before the later ones. We booked two weeks in advance. You can see the availability inits website.

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What is Children's Play Village, Warwick like?

As mentioned, it's in a really boring building in the middle of nowhere outside of Warwick. Pay in advance for one of three sessions, each two and a half hours long. Ours was at 9:30 am - yes, we were on a mission that day to get up and out of the house. The second is at 12:30 p.m. and the third at 3:30 p.m. The town is on one floor and does not seem so big at first glance. However, there are a number of themed rooms for children to play in, including a beauty salon, fire station, theater, supermarket, hospital, vet, post office, and cake shop. There is also an ice cream truck, a construction area and a baby area. In each room there are many accessories for playing and children are constantly going from one room to another. There is no point in arriving much earlier than session time, as the children are not allowed in earlier, and when they do, they sit with a staff member who tells them a bit about it and sings along.

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What do we think of Children's Play Village, Warwick?

It's excellent. Regular readers of Milton Keynes Kids will know that I am not a fan of soft playgrounds. However, for an alternative indoor space for children, Warwick Play Village seems to fit the bill. Having to book in advance and limiting the numbers meant my children had the chance to play in all the rooms. The village had been 'rebooted' before we arrived so everything was there and as the session went on the staff were constantly clearing away discarded toys. It's not about running, the rooms require you to use your imagination and role-play to complete the tasks. My oldest son especially loved running the post office. My youngest son preferred the vet and the hospital. They both often talked to other children and interacted with them. He is small. So if you want to have a coffee you can watch them play if you sit near the play area. There is a baby area in the middle where you can put babies if you have a small child who is busy playing. A couple of times during the session, one of the staff, dressed as an astronaut, did some space related activities with the children, which livened the session up a bit.

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Any tips for visiting the Children's Play Village in Warwick and what age is it best for?

Don't just show up. You will not be admitted. You must book in advance. I'll repeat that in case you missed it above. You CANNOT eat your own food there as they serve their own. So if, like us, you want to keep costs down, pack a picnic and go somewhere else after your morning session. Or if you're going for lunch, maybe make it ahead of time and get to Warwick early (see tips below). If you fancy meeting up with a friend, this is a relatively good place to have a drink while watching the kids play. By the way, the toilets are excellent, with a small folding seat for small children. I would say that the children who benefit the most are between the ages of 2 and 6. It really depends on your child and if he still likes these types of games at home. At the time of writing, some of my oldest son's friends are almost 7 years old and they probably felt that he was too young for them. At the meeting we attended, the average age of a child was around 3-4 years. My 6 year old was one of the oldest there; he loved it but he's pretty laid back and tends to hug me wherever he takes him.

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Would we return to the Children's Play Village in Warwick?

In theory yes, the boys really enjoyed it. I think it's good value for money and I really like the decor. A few hours were enough. It's over an hour from us though, so it would be somewhere we would go once in a while or maybe meet up with friends who live there. It probably won't be long before my older son outgrows it, but I'm glad we left when we did. When we travel so far to go somewhere, we try to make the most of the trip and go to one or two other places. It would be great to see more places like this across the country. It would certainly be very popular in Milton Keynes.

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Where did we go after Children's Play Village, Warwick?

I'll do a full review but the place I would recommend is St Nicholas Park in Warwick, only a 7 minute drive away and you have to pay for parking. The postal code is CV34 4QY. There is a wading pool/swimming pool there. There is also a rather retro play area, but that's ok. A stream with many pretty flowers flows through it. My kids loved riding the trails so grab your scooters. If you want to spend some money, there is also an amusement park and two miniature golf courses. The ice cream in the cafeteria was excellent. If you live in Milton Keynes like we do then thenParque rural Ryton Poolsit's almost on the way home, you just have to park there for a fee. There is a large and a smaller pirate-themed play area, as well as a miniature train, but it only runs on Sundays.

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