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Sanskrit is an ancient and sacred language.

It is the basis of the texts of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and was a common language among different peoples throughout ancient times andmedievalSouth Asia.

While the literature written in Vedic Sanskrit deals only with religion, Classical Sanskrit can be found in everything from poems, epics, and dramas, to law, medicine, and mathematics.

no wonderSanskrit baby namesThey're so beautiful

As you search for names for your baby, try saying these options out loud for both boys and girls.

You are sure to find something powerful and deeply meaningful for your little peanut.

In this article:📝

  • Top 20 Most Popular Sanskrit Names
  • What is the Sanskrit word for unique?
  • What is the Sanskrit name of a powerful girl?
  • What Sanskrit boy's name means king?
  • 20 cool Sanskrit names
  • Unique Sanskrit Girl Names With Meanings
  • Unique Sanskrit boy names with meanings

Top 20 Most Popular Sanskrit Names

In Hinduism, it is customary to name a baby after a divine entity, ensuring that they enjoy spiritual benefits whenever their name is spoken.

Other muses for unique Sanskrit names include nature, place of birth, constellations, lucky stars, and beloved traits or virtues.

And, of course, avoiding negative words or connotations is essential.

With these guidelines in mind, here are some of the most popular Sanskrit names for girls and boys:

  1. Aditya:what he doesSolAditya is a name for boys. ☀️
  2. To add:Inspired by the revered Vedic goddess, Aditi means "without limits".
  3. Announced:In Sanskrit, Ambaara means "theo". is also inspiredthe name of a french girl have lunch, fororange- mineral gold.
  4. Arjun:The boy's name, Arjun, means "bright" or "bright" in Sanskrit.
  5. avi:Avi, which means "sun and air," is associated with Surya, the Hindu god of the sun. Ashebrew name for a boy, also means "father".
  6. Cali:A girl's name in Sanskrit, Kali is a force in Hindu mythology. HeGoddessboth destruction and enlightenment, it is as likely to cause chaos as it is to lead the ignorant towisdom. The word means "black" or "time" in Sanskrit.
  7. Jaya:Sanskrit word for "gain”.
  8. karma:This word is widely used and known in the West. It means "fate" or "fate" and refers to the Hindu and Buddhist belief that your intentions and actions affect your future.
  9. Kiran:Kiran means "sunshine" or "ray of light" and is a boy's name.
  10. Milan:A boy's name in many parts of the world, Milan is a popular name for girls in the US. Perhaps it has to do with the title's connection to the fashion capital of Italy? But don't let the crowd sway you, Milan has much more to offer than designer labels. In Sanskrit it means "to gather" or "to unite".
  11. Mukuta:A Sanskrit term meaning "crown," Mukuta is a boy's name. 👑
  12. Nirvana:In Buddhism, nirvana refers to a state in which there is no suffering, desire, or sense of self. In Sanskrit it means "bliss" or "liberation" and can be found throughout the world as agender neutral name.
  13. Priya:Priya means "beloved", and is a Sanskrit name for girls. In Hinduism, Priya is the name of the creator god, Daksha.
  14. rain:Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning "she who sings" or "queen", Raine can be used as a girl's or a boy's name.
  15. Rohan:What does "redhead" mean?Rojo”, or even “rising”, Rohan is a boy's name that also has the Sanskrit iirish roots.
  16. Samir:Samir is a Sanskrit boy's name meaning "gentle breeze" or "wind." Sweetchild's name time.
  17. Tara:In Sanskrit Tara means "estrella”, and in Hindu mythology, Shiva's wife is sometimes called Tara. As airish girl name, Tara means "hill" or "elevated place", from the Gaelic wordtime.
  18. One:Uma is one of the names of the Indian goddess Parvati, wife of Shiva. Means "brightness" or "peace" in Sanskrit.
  19. Inflammation:Known as a gemstone with its many internal colors, Opal is also a Sanskrit girl's name meaning "gem" or "gem."
  20. veda:The Vedas are four sacred Hindu texts, so giving a daughter this name carries a lot of weight. It means "knowledge" or "wisdom”.

What is the Sanskrit word for unique?

Looking for a name that embodies the essence of distinction and meaning?

Any of these Sanskrit names are more than capable of showing off the complete individuality of your new baby:

  1. Adwitiyah:Which means "unmatched". ♂︎
  2. Answer:From the Sanskrit wordApurva, which means "unique" or "notable". ♀︎
  3. Ananya:Thisit would be wonderful to sleepmeans "unique" or "different from others". ♀︎♂︎
  4. Advaita:Which means "no duplicates". An epithet of the Hindu god Vishnu. ♂︎
  5. Anupama:What does "incomparable" mean?

What is the Sanskrit name of a powerful girl?

It depends on where you think your daughter's power will grow.

Is it his mind, his charm, his strong character or his lightning quick wit?

To inspire you, here are our favorite Sanskrit names for budding influential minds:

  1. Avyanna:We start with a girl's name in Sanskrit that literally means "strong", "powerful",i"beautiful". Your world in motion.
  2. Any:Which means "commandment" or "beyond wisdom."
  3. Chetana:Which means "power of the intellect" or "perceptive".
  4. Lakshmi:Which means "good sign". Don't just take it as a sign, this popular Sanskrit name is derived from the famous Hindu goddess of wealth, beauty, fertility, power, and prosperity. Phew!
  5. Nandini:Which means "a woman who brings joy." Surely one lucky soul can turn a room in her favor.
  6. titiksha:What does "forgiveness" or "tolerance" mean? A title that always teaches about the power of resistance.
  7. Tavishi:What does "courage" or "courageous”.
  8. Devi:What does "goddess" mean? What could be more powerful than a divine entity that embodies "all that is excellent"?

What Sanskrit boy's name means king?

It's early, but you can feel it: your boy will be a born leader.

Sure, they may have their doubts, but these powerful nicknames will ensure their sense of self is never compromised:

  1. raj:The meaning of "rey”.
  2. Iran:Which means "king of the ocean". 🧜🏼‍♂️
  3. alagarasu:Which means "handsome king".
  4. Rajasekhara:Which means "king's crown". 🤴🏽
  5. Akhilesh:As one of Lord Shiva's many names, Akhilesh means "Lord of the Universe".
  6. Akhil:Which means "king" or "whole". Popularindian boy name.
  7. Lokesh:Which means "king of the world".
  8. Sarvajit:Which means "champion" or "all conqueror". Challenge accepted. 🏆

20 cool Sanskrit names

If a name is going to define your baby, make sure it's one of these unique Sanskrit names:

  1. Adhere to:The girl's name means "lightning". ♀︎
  2. Dakini:Which means "walk in the sky". ♀︎
  3. David:Which means "of God" or "divine". ♀︎
  4. Matar:What does "direction" mean? Perfect for the lady who wants to blaze her own trail. ♀︎
  5. Ekta:What does "unity" mean? ♀︎
  6. Dignity:What does "honor" mean?force", and "courage". ♀︎
  7. Harry:The meaning of "zelena” or “lion”. ♂︎
  8. He is:What does "darling" mean? ♂︎
  9. Kalyani:Which means "beautiful", "blessed" or "blissful". Associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi. ♀︎
  10. Laran:Which means "psychic powers and abilities". ♂︎ 🔮
  11. Jyoti:It means "flame" or "divine".luz”. ♀︎
  12. Maya:What does "illusion" mean? ♀︎
  13. Dame:What does "wit" or "intelligence" mean. ♀︎ 🧐
  14. Nayak:Which means "guide" or "hero". ♂︎
  15. Priyanka:What does "being loved" mean? ♀︎
  16. Ritvika:Meaning "priestess" or "one who recites the Rigveda". ♀︎
  17. Penalty:Which means "protector" or "star". ♂︎ 🌠
  18. Block:What does "crown" mean? ♂︎
  19. Virendra:The meaning of "guerrero” or “brave, noble person”. ♂︎
  20. Yuvan:The meaning of "strong”. ♂︎

Unique Sanskrit Girl Names With Meanings

There is no shortage of ideas for Sanskrit names for girls.


This ancient language is well supplied with titles for graceful, beautiful, and wise.

Select mom:

  1. Adrika:What does "heavenly being" mean?
  2. In between:Another note in Hindustani music, Antara also means "beauty."
  3. Avni:what he doesTierra”.
  4. Bhanumati:Sanskrit word meaning "shining like the sun"bhanu.
  5. Bhavika:What does "fair" mean?
  6. Charvie:Which means "beautiful and smart."
  7. fork:Which means "expert" or "expert".
  8. Devaki:What does "divine" mean?
  9. Devika:Which means "little goddess".
  10. were you:which means "daughter ofocean”. 🌊
  11. gita:What does "little song" mean? A sweet girl name for one of your best creations.
  12. Hansika:What does "swan" mean? 🦢
  13. Harshita:which means "a lot"happinessand pleasure".
  14. Dysentery:What does "complementary" mean?
  15. ha ha ha: Meaning "desire" or "desire".
  16. Ixa:Which means "sight" or "work of the senses". Nothing will happen to this little one.
  17. Ishani:What does "desire" mean? Another name for the goddess Durga.
  18. Most:Which means "get the victory".
  19. Machine:Which means "knower of the meaning".
  20. Kalidasa:It means "servant of Kali".
  21. Karan:A gender-neutral Sanskrit name meaning "intelligent" or "skillful".
  22. Kaveri:The holy river of India.
  23. Lavani:What does "grace" mean?
  24. Lavanya:Which means "grace" or "beauty".
  25. Malawi:The meaning of "princesa of Malawa”.
  26. Where:Which means "deserves praise."
  27. Manisha:It means "wisdom" or "desire".
  28. Nalini:Which means "sweet lotus". 🪷
  29. Nitya:Which means "always" or "eternal".
  30. opalescente:What does "gem" mean?
  31. As yours:What does "woman" mean?
  32. Rasika:It means "full of passion", "insightful" and "elegant". Rooted in a Sanskrit wordto feel.
  33. Rohini:It means "star" or "cow" - a valuable symbol of life. 🐄
  34. Riddhi:Which means "happiness and prosperity".
  35. Sri:It means "brightness" or "prosperity".
  36. Sukanya:What does "beautiful woman" mean?
  37. Swara:What does "musical tone" mean?
  38. Tajanee:What does "crown" mean?
  39. Tarala:What does "honey bee" mean? 🐝
  40. Tarini:A form of the goddess Durga meaning "she who saves."
  41. Audience:What does "he who is risen" mean?
  42. Varnini:What does "woman" or "turmeric”.
  43. Vilhana:What does "early in the morning" or "zora” from the Sanskrit wordanger.
  44. Invite:What does "dedicated" mean?
  45. believe:What does "starry" mean?evening”. 🌌
  46. Pillow:Which means "a series ofpearl”.

Unique Sanskrit boy names with meanings

Sanskrit names for boys aremagnetic.
And they don't just mean the names of warriors and protectors.

Oh no, Sanskrit boy names have a lot more depth for your growing child.

Check out these unique picks:

  1. Go to Go to:It means "beginning" or "first."
  2. Aarav:The meaning of "quiet” or “quiet sound”.
  3. Silver:The meaning of "noble” or “civilized”.
  4. Adikaví:What does "first poet" mean? ✍🏼
  5. Sombra:What does "vision", "glow" or "glow" mean.
  6. Amit:Lo meaning "unlimited" or "infinite". Ashebrew name for a boy, Amit means "friend".
  7. Oro:Which means "praiseworthy."
  8. Arjuna:Which means "white" or "transparent".
  9. atri:which means "passenger throughlife”.
  10. Ashvaghasha or Ashvaghosha:Which means "nothing a horse". 🐴
  11. Novi:What does "brave" mean?
  12. Bhavabhuti:What does "prosperity" mean?
  13. Bharata:The meaning of "fuego”.
  14. Bharavi:Which means "bright sun." 🌄
  15. Language:What does "language" mean?
  16. **Daman:** Which means "the one who tames".
  17. Damodara:It means "tied around the belly", in reference to the Hindu god Vishnu.
  18. Dash:Which means "view" or "handsome". Another name for god, Krishna
  19. Deva:Which means "divine" or "like God".
  20. dilip:What does "protector" mean?
  21. gritsamada:According to the Rigvedic sage.
  22. Gunadhya:Which means "full of virtues". Gunadhya is the name of the author of the ancient 6th century Indian epic,and Bṛhatkatha– A great story in Sanskrit.
  23. Y:Meaning "sin taker" or "lion". 🦁 An intriguing name for a little boyLeón.
  24. Harsha:What does "joy" or "pleasure" mean?
  25. Harshavardhana:Which means "joy maker".
  26. Hemchandra:What does "golden" mean?mes”.
  27. Push:What does "such a ruler" mean?
  28. Jaideva:Which means "divine victory".
  29. Jaivante:which means "victorious".
  30. Lalit:What does "beautiful" mean?
  31. Lejit:What does "written" mean?
  32. Kshemendra:Which means "Lord of Prosperity".
  33. Kumar:The meaning of "Prince”.
  34. maharishi:What does "great saint" mean?
  35. Manav:What does "youth" mean?
  36. Manik:What does "ruby" mean?
  37. Merutunga:What does "tall person" mean?
  38. Mohan:Which means "wonderful and charming."
  39. Murari:It means "the one who holds the flute" or "Lord Krishna".
  40. Nandish:Another name for God, Shiva
  41. Narayan:What does "eternal man" mean?
  42. Neelakantha:What does "the one with the blue throat" mean? Another name for the god Shiva.
  43. Oman:Means "helper" or "giver" in Sanskrit.
  44. Panini:Which means "descendant of Paṇi".
  45. Dio:Which means "an archer who never misses a target". 🏹
  46. Patanjali:Complex Sanskrit name meaning "flying beauty."
  47. Pujit:Which means "worshipped".
  48. Raghunath:Which means "Lord of Raghava".
  49. Rattan:Which means "gem" or "precious stone".
  50. ratinWhich means "chariot rider".
  51. Saket: Which means "place of pilgrimage".
  52. Samarth:Which means "he who has power". 💪🏽
  53. Sanjeet:What does "the one who always wins" mean?
  54. Repellent:Another name for the god Shiva
  55. Body:What does "son" mean?
  56. Valmiki:The name of the legendary poet and author of the first epic poem in Sanskrit.Ramayana.
  57. Vasishta:Which means "most excellent."
  58. Stomach:What does "son" mean?
  59. Vinay:In Sanskrit it means "modesty", "good conduct" and "intelligent".
  60. VIP:What does "forest" mean? 🌳🌳🌳
  61. Veejay:What does "victorious" mean?
  62. Yash:From the Sanskrit word for "glory", "success" and "majesty".
  63. Yuvan:Which means "healthy" or "young".

Looking for other ancient language names steeped in fascinating mythology?

Check out our guides for166 Greek Baby Namesi
Persian baby names.

Trust us, there are many more fascinating names to discover.

Happy research, parents-to-be!


170 Unique Sanskrit Baby Names And Their Meanings | Peanut? ›

Karishma is a very old Indian and Sanskrit name meaning "miracle." Perfect for your charismatic little one, the name is currently made famous by Bollywood actor Karishma Kapoor.

What Sanskrit baby name means miracle? ›

Karishma is a very old Indian and Sanskrit name meaning "miracle." Perfect for your charismatic little one, the name is currently made famous by Bollywood actor Karishma Kapoor.

What Sanskrit names mean God's gift? ›

100 Indian Baby Names With Meaning 'Gift Of God'
16DevduttGift of God
17DevarshGift of God. It is also the name of Lord Krishna.
18DevashishBlessing of God
19DevayaniA gift was given by God
95 more rows

What name means infinity in Sanskrit? ›

Ananta. Meaning “infinite” in Sanskrit, this beautiful Hindu girls' name is an epithet of the goddess Parvati.

What is the Sanskrit word for divine beauty? ›

सौन्दर्यम् (saundaryam) is a Sanskrit word for beauty. अभिख्या (abhikhyā) and रूचा (rūcā) are the synonyms for word beauty in Sanskrit.

What name means hope in Sanskrit? ›

Asha: This name comes from the Sanskrit word for 'desire' or 'hope'.

What is the Sanskrit name for prosperity? ›

एधस् [ edhas ] [ edhas ]1 n. happiness , prosperity Lit. ŚāṅkhGṛ.

What is the Sanskrit word for divine gift? ›

'Anjali' a Sanskrit word meaning divine gift.

What is the Sanskrit word for divine blessings? ›

प्रसाद prasāda — The Divine Blessing.

What is the Sanskrit word for God's grace? ›

Anugraha is Sanskrit for the divine grace of God.

What is the Sanskrit name of divine? ›

Divine is called दिव्यः (divyaḥ) in Sanskrit. दैविकः (daivikaḥ) and ब्राह्मिः (brāhmiḥ) are the synonyms for word divine.

What are the Sanskrit names for soul? ›

Ātman, sometimes spelled without a diacritic as atman in scholarly literature, means "real Self" of the individual, "innermost essence." While often translated as "soul", it is better translated as "self."

What is the Sanskrit name of heaven? ›

Svarga (Sanskrit: स्वर्गं, romanized: Svargaṁ, lit. 'abode of light'), also known as Indraloka and Svargaloka, is the celestial abode of the devas in Hinduism. Svarga is one of the seven higher lokas (esoteric planes) in Hindu cosmology.

What is the Sanskrit word for eternal life? ›

शाश्वतं जीवनम् , अमरं प्रेम (Eternal Life, Undying Passion)

What is the Sanskrit word for pure light? ›

Iśvara is the source of light, or pure awareness or consciousness; through puruṣa (our individual light as experienced by us), we are connected to this one light, the source of all light, awareness, and consciousness.

What is the Sanskrit word for supreme soul? ›

Paramatman (Sanskrit: परमात्मन्, IAST: Paramātman) or Paramātmā is the Absolute Atman, or supreme Self, in various philosophies such as the Vedanta and Yoga schools in Hindu theology, as well as other Indian religions like Sikhism.

Which Hindu baby names means miracle? ›


This lovely name is very popular in India. It comes from the Indian origin and has been derived from the Sanskrit language. It simply means a miracle or magic.

What Indian baby name means miracle? ›

Aksha means blessing and miracle. Alya means blessed, beautiful and sky. Gia means God's blessed. This name means divine blessing and miracle.

What name means miracle in Hinduism? ›

Karishma is a highly popular Indian name, meaning 'miracle.

What name represents miracle? ›

The French baby girl names Mireille, Marvel and Marvella all mean “miracle,” while Mireya is a Spanish name that means “miracle.” Micaela and Mikelle are both English names that mean “gift from God,” while Mirabelle is a French name that means “of incredible beauty.” We also love the names Bea, Gwyneth, Annie, Sachi, ...


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