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Just like any other alphabet, there are many positive words that start with J. There are enough positive words that start with J to make a huge list. In this article we have a list of positive words that start with J, although it may not be even half of the total. Isn't that pretty fascinating?

Learning these words is not only good for your vocabulary, but it can also help you become fluent in English. And who doesn't want to impress others with their language skills? Did you know that the letter j began as a typographic decoration for the letter I? But thank goodness it got its place as an alphabet because now we can get a lot out of it.inspiring wordsthat start with J

In this article we have compiled a list of positive words that start with J along with their meaning and example to make it easier to understand. So keep reading and you will surely find many new words.


Positive words that start with J.– Complete list (120 words)

it's full herepositive word listthat start with J, you can find 120 positive words that start with J.

  • Bote
  • Ejaculate
  • jake
  • grape molasses
  • Delete
  • Distraction
  • Jammy
  • full of jam
  • Jannock
  • data
  • Journey
  • Dynamic
  • Dogmatic
  • Jaw
  • Amazing
  • Jazz
  • jazzed up
  • Jazzy
  • Striking
  • Jesus
  • Jessant
  • Es
  • a joker
  • humorous
  • humorous
  • Funny
  • Jesus
  • Joya
  • adorned with jewels
  • joya
  • adorned with jewels
  • derision
  • Train
  • Template
  • damn you
  • jiggle
  • zigzag
  • Jim the geek
  • Gym
  • Jingle
  • Jitterbug
  • Highly strung
  • Jo
  • Job
  • irregular employee
  • athlete
  • Jockey
  • joking
  • Funny
  • kidding seriously
  • Veselost
  • humorous
  • Jocularity
  • Funny
  • joke
  • joker
  • Funny
  • they are joking
  • Happiness
  • Join
  • common
  • Connected
  • common
  • Vic
  • jester
  • a joker
  • joke
  • I'm kidding
  • Joking
  • jolif
  • happiness
  • alegre
  • Veselost
  • Alegre
  • josh
  • joss
  • Enjoyment
  • bounce
  • Magazine
  • keep a diary
  • Journalism
  • A trip
  • Jovial
  • Jovially
  • Happiness
  • Alegre
  • Good luck
  • Happiness
  • Alegre
  • happily
  • Joyride
  • happily
  • jubilant
  • artistically
  • Rejoice
  • Joy
  • Birthday
  • Judicial
  • Prudent
  • Reasonably
  • Juggler
  • juiciness
  • Juicy
  • Jumbo
  • Shock
  • Good start
  • Hop
  • Highly strung
  • junoesco
  • Solo
  • Pravda
  • Justified
  • Justification
  • Justified
  • Justify
  • That seems fine to me
  • youth
  • He will get younger
  • Juxtaposition

Positive words that start with J to describe a person.

Sometimes it can be difficult to describe a person because you can't find the right words. These words that start with J will not only help you describe a person in a positive way, but will also increase your vocabulary.

1. Brzost

  • Definition: expression of joy and self-confidence.
  • Synonyms: cheerful, lively.
  • Example: Upbeat music made everyone feel happy.

2. The joker

  • Definition: something that is very funny
  • Synonyms: funny, witty, comical.
  • Example: cheer up your mother by telling her a funny story.

3. alegre

  • Definition: to be happy and cheerful
  • Synonyms: merry, happy, merry
  • Example: He was a cheerful man and full of jokes.

4. alegre

  • Definition: to be cheerful and friendly
  • Synonyms: merry, merry, happy
  • Example: He was in a good mood.

5. jubilee

  • Definition: to show great delight or joy.
  • Synonyms: euphoric, euphoric, exuberant.
  • Example: I was in a good mood after the win.

6. Prudent

  • Definition: show common sense or good judgment
  • Synonyms: careful, prudent, attentive.
  • Example: She always made the right decisions.

7. only

  • Definition: act according to what is right
  • Synonyms: fair, just
  • Example: I guess I just wanted to say goodbye.

8. Justified

  • Definition: having to do with a good reason
  • Synonyms: rationalize, defend, support
  • Example: You had every reason to complain.

9. funny

  • Definition: to be playful or humorous
  • Synonyms: joke, joke, joke
  • Example: His humorous behavior was appropriate for such an occasion.

Positive words that start with J to cheer you up

It is important to encourage yourself to overcome difficult times. Reading these good words that start with j will surely help you cheer up after a busy day.

1. molasses

  • Definition: to be lucky
  • Synonyms: delighted, happy, lucky.
  • Example: He had wonderful luck that never failed him.

2. Hay

  • definition: joke
  • Synonyms: mockery, joke, joke, mockery.
  • Example: Tony was not amused by a nasty joke that was made at his expense.


  • Definition: a type of music with a strong rhythm.
  • Synonyms: ragtime, boogie, jive
  • Example: He managed to overcome his situation by listening to jazz music.

4. joya

  • Definition: something of value
  • Synonyms: gem, precious stone, precious stone.
  • Example: She was a gem of a lady who encouraged me to be the person that I am.

5. joy

  • Definition: A feeling of delight or joy.
  • Synonyms: pleasure, satisfaction, happiness.
  • Example: He kept moving forward because of the joy that his mother felt when she saw that he had achieved it.

6. Joke

  • Definition: something that causes laughter.
  • Synonyms: joke, joke, joke
  • Example: He felt relaxed because of the jokes his friends told him.

7. Pravda

  • Definition: have a righteous behavior
  • Synonyms: fairness, justice, impartiality.
  • Example: He knew that whatever happened, justice would be done.

8. joy

  • Definition: to be in a state of extreme happiness
  • Synonyms: cheerful, enthusiastic, joyous.
  • Example: Your natural cheerfulness of character put me in a positive mindset.

9. enthusiastic

  • Definition: be excited
  • Synonyms: excitement, enthusiasm.
  • Example: It's great to be in a place where people are excited about success.

10. fun

  • Definition: joking in a cheerful way.
  • Synonyms: funny, funny, funny
  • Example: He jokingly made some comments that touched the hearts of many people.

Positive words that start with J to congratulate others.

There are many beautiful words that start with J that you can use not only to congratulate others but also yourself. Be sure to use the following words to congratulate everyone around you.

1. Jim the geek

  • Definition: to be excellent
  • Synonyms: good, outstanding, excellent
  • Example: She was a famous woman, but she was different.

2. Playing

  • Definition: be happy
  • Synonyms: merry, merry, happy
  • Example: Their hearts were gladdened by his extravagant speech.

3. Junoesco

  • Definition: to be tall and stout
  • Synonyms: sinuous, shaped
  • Example: She was such a Junoesque woman.

4. They will become young

  • Definition: be young
  • Synonyms: young, young
  • Example: It seemed as if he had drunk the elixir of youth.

5. Humorous

  • Definition: make fun of
  • Synonyms: humorous, playful, outing
  • Example: It's time for fun greetings and serious discussions about the future of the diocese.

6. Joke

  • Definition: say something for fun
  • Synonyms: sports; playful; cheerful
  • Example: You managed to make a humorous comment about world events.

7. Jigish

  • Definition: be playful
  • Synonyms: playful, lively.
  • Example: He made the children laugh by bouncing balls.

8. joy

  • Definition: be happy
  • Synonyms: happy, cheerful, pleasant.
  • Example: I love all the sincere joy of the festival that you organize.

9. Joke

  • Definition: be resourceful
  • Synonyms: humorous, humorous, amusing.
  • Example: A brief exchange of your witty comments made him burst out laughing.

10. alegre

  • Definition: cause joy
  • Synonyms: happy, joyous
  • Example: I had a reason to be happy to keep going.

Positive words that start with J to help in difficulties.

When we are going through difficult times, reading encouraging words can help us boost our confidence. Here are some encouraging words that start with J that will certainly cheer you up.

1. joy

  • Definition: having a feeling of great happiness.
  • Synonyms: enthusiasm, joy, celebration.
  • Example: You were overwhelmed with joy when you read the poem.

2. nervousness

  • Definition: to jump or vibrate
  • Synonyms: exciting, restless, nervous.
  • Example: Even though the stress made her nervous, she got through the tough times.

3. Fly

  • Definition: short vacation or excursion
  • Synonyms: excursion, outing.
  • Example: A trip with his family made him forget all his difficulties.

4. Keep a journal

  • Definition: The act of expressing your innermost thoughts.
  • Synonyms: script, writing.
  • Example: The only way out of her problems for her was to keep a diary.

5. alegre

  • Definition: be full of joy
  • Synonyms: merry, merry, happy
  • Example: Scenes of a happy celebration made her happy despite the problems.

6. gigante

  • Definition: extra huge
  • Synonyms: enormous, huge
  • Example: Bake a round cake and two giant cakes.

7. Work

  • Definition: paid position of regular employment
  • Synonyms: appointment, position
  • Example: Finally got a job.

8. Jesus

  • Definition: an expression used to show surprise.
  • Synonyms: surprised, dismayed.
  • Example: The mother said "Jesus" after her moving performance.

9. Jake

  • definition: okay
  • Synonyms: satisfactory, good
  • Example: Everything will be fine again when you overcome your fear.

10. nervous

  • Definition: to be tired
  • Synonyms: nervous, nervous, tense
  • Example: do not get nervous in any difficult situation.

Positive words that start with J to lift our spirits

It is very important to refresh your mind after a busy and stressful day. These motivational words that start with J will help you escape from such a day.

1. It's jaw-dropping

  • Definition: cause great surprise
  • Synonyms: surprising, shocking.
  • Example: The amazing performance of the singer raised the spirits of many people.

2. The joker

  • Definition: someone who jokes
  • Synonyms: comedian, funny star.
  • Example: I would dance with the joker for a while longer.

3. happily

  • Definition: to do something cheerfully
  • Synonyms: cheerful, jovial, exciting.
  • Example: After receiving the happy news, he walked happily down the street.

4. shock

  • definition: rebound
  • Synonyms: jerk, bounce
  • Example: Unexpectedly, the bus bounces when it hits a pothole.

5. alegre

  • Definition: express great satisfaction
  • Synonyms: merry, merry, happy
  • Example: Upbeat music made everyone cheer up.

6. Joyful ride

  • Definition: driving for pleasure
  • Synonyms: tranzit, transport, step
  • Example: I took my mom's car for a drive so I could relax.

7th anniversary

  • Definition: anniversary of an event
  • Synonyms: anniversary, commemoration, celebration.
  • Example: The club held a celebration for its silver anniversary.

8. Jubilation

  • Definition: having a feeling of great happiness.
  • Synonyms: exaltation, triumph, joy.
  • Example: Amazing scenes from the movie were the reason for your joy.

9. But

  • Definition: a practical joke
  • Synonyms: joke, joke, etc.
  • Example: He said the childish nonsense of leaving a stink bomb in his locker.

10. Template

  • Definition: move with quick and jerky movements
  • Synonyms: jump, hop, prance
  • Example: I was running in the booth because of the big news.

A list of positive words starting with J to keep us positive

Maintaining a positive attitude can be very difficult in these times when everyone is so self-centered. But these positive words that start with J will definitely give you that serotonin boost you need.

1. joy

  • Definition: state of blissful exuberance
  • Synonyms: joy, joy.
  • Example: People are looking for joy, I just want to know where it went.

2. joke

  • Definition: be resourceful
  • Synonyms: joker, frivolous.
  • Example: He speaks with a humorous tone that makes everyone happy.

3. One moment

  • Definition: in a very short time
  • Synonyms: soon, directly, shortly
  • Example: I'll be back in a moment.

4. only

  • Definition: something that is morally right.
  • Synonyms: justified, legitimate, rightly
  • Example: Handles all employee complaints fairly.

5. Justified

  • Definition: to be right
  • Synonyms: valid, legitimate, guaranteed
  • Example: It is justified to punish her.

6. feliz

  • Definition: to do something in a friendly way
  • Synonyms: humorous, cheerful.
  • Example: He happily told his fan that he loved his performance.

7. Humorous

  • Definition: the quality of being able to make jokes.
  • Synonyms: humorous, cheerful.
  • Example: He is known for joking in his dealings with the elderly.

8. jazz

  • Definition: be very active
  • Synonyms: vivacious, showy, classy, ​​ostentatious
  • Example: The jazzy quality of her voice helped her succeed.

9. Justification

  • Definition: The act of showing that something is right.
  • Synonyms: premise, rational, justified reason.
  • Example: Your therapist showed your parents the rationale for your procedure.

10. Magazine

  • Definition: daily record of news and events of a personal nature
  • Synonyms: daily, lig, daily
  • Example: The diary that I wrote while abroad helped me to have a positive mindset all the time.

Positive Sight Words Beginning with J

There are many common positive words that start with J that you may not be familiar with. So keep reading and you will surely find some new words.

1. Juiciness

  • Definition: richly interesting
  • Synonyms: interesting, fascinating.
  • Example: The juiciness of a mystery novel made me addicted to it.

2. Juxtapose

  • Definition: treat together to achieve a contrast effect
  • Synonyms: mix, compare, contrast
  • Example: You thought it would be interesting to post black and white and color photographs.

3. jaw

  • Definition: Talk or gossip, especially if it is long or tedious.
  • Synonyms: conversation, talk, talk.
  • Example: Her job is just amazing because she is a reporter.

4. Juicy

  • Definition: something temptingly attractive
  • Synonyms: interesting, fascinating, sensational.
  • Example: The juicy news about your new art spread much faster than any other news.

5. articulation

  • Definition: made by two or more people
  • Synonyms: unite, share
  • Example: With a joint effort they helped women who suffered domestic violence.

6. Shock

  • Definition: fast movement
  • Synonyms: jump, spring, bounce
  • Example: He jumped to his feet when he heard the good news.

7. joker

  • Definition: professional joker
  • Synonyms: joker, comedian, juggler.
  • Example: He was able to entertain everyone because he was a joker.

8. joy

  • Definition: the state of being a joke.
  • Synonyms: joke, joke
  • Example: You ridiculed nepotism with humor and a tongue-in-cheek writing style.

9. funny

  • Definition: to do something with humor.
  • Synonyms: funny, funny, funny
  • Example: jokingly read the entire novel.

Positive words that start with J for attractive resumes

An attractive resume is key to landing the job of your dreams. So how would you impress them with your resume? Well, use these positive words that start with J while writing your resume.

1. Articulated

  • Definition: having a joint or joints
  • Synonyms: knotty, jointed
  • Example: You bought your baby an articulated doll.

2. Boost

  • Definition: start something
  • Synonyms: climb, tie, jump
  • Example: I hope to have a great start in the industry after being selected by an agency.

3. Join

  • definition: connect
  • Synonyms: connect, unite, arrange
  • Example: I would like to join your company.

4. common

  • Definition: to do something with another person
  • Synonyms: together, cooperatively, mutually
  • Example: I will work together with team members to run the company.

5. Youth

  • Definition: state of youth
  • Synonyms: childhood, primacy, youth.
  • Example: I think the strongest people are those who claim to be minors.

6. judicial

  • Definition: response to court
  • Synonyms: legal, judicial
  • Example: I look forward to hearing from you after the judicial review.

7. Validate

  • Definition: prove that one is right
  • Synonyms: explain, rationalize, support.
  • Example: I will make sure to justify your decision if I am appointed in full.

8. Journalism

  • Definition: the profession of writing for newspapers.
  • Synonyms: press, report, writing.
  • Example: I received a world of excellence for journalism.

9. focus

  • Definition: be in harmony
  • Synonyms: mockery, mockery, mockery.
  • Example: I am convinced that I will not do anything that is consistent with the image of your company.

10. travel

  • Definition: travel somewhere
  • Synonyms: travel, go, travel
  • Example: On this incredible journey of success in my career, I hope to develop my professionalism by working here.

Final Thoughts on Positive Words Beginning with J

Congratulations on reading this article to the end! I'm sure you already feel smarter after reading this article, right? Haven't you found many new positive words that start with J that you didn't know existed? Remember to use these words daily to impress others with your vocabulary.

We hope this article has been useful for you to increase your vocabulary. Even if you expand your vocabulary with a new word on this list, you are bound to have a lot of new words. Learning all these positive words that start with the letter J will definitely help you master the English language.

PS See alsoadjective words beginning with J,nouns beginning with Jiverbs beginning with J.


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