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Abigail is a cheerful name adored by people of all backgrounds for its freshness and beautiful meaning.

  • Origen: hebrew, French
  • Meaning:A source of joy and happiness.
  • Pronunciation:Ah-buh-geil
  • Variations:abigail
  • homonyms:Abigail Adams, the first wife of the Vice President of the United States. Abigail Breslin, singer of "Little Miss Sunshine."
  • Popularity:The Abigail name trend began in the 1970s. It reached the peak of its popularity in 2005, ranking fourth, and in 2021, it ranked 13th.

Beautiful, popular, classic.


The name Adele comes from a culture of good manners and noble demeanor. She exudes a refined and formal tone, a classic romantic name.

  • Origen:German, French
  • Meaning:Noble, honorable
  • Pronunciation:A-de-le, A-DELL, A-DEHL
  • Variations:Adela, Adela, Adelita
  • homonyms:Adele, English singer and songwriter. Adele Gates, daughter of Bill Gates.
  • Popularity:Adele will be remembered as one of the most famous historical French names for girls thanks to her namesake, who is a talented world-class ballad singer.

Classic, beautiful, unique.


Agata is the patron saint of firefighters and nurses. The name was common throughout Christian Europe with various spellings. It is a name that symbolizes the passion of independence.

  • Origen:Greek, French
  • Meaning:a good woman
  • Pronunciation:A-GA-ta, A-GAT, A-GA-TAH
  • Variations:Agot, Agathe
  • homonyms:Agathe de La Boulaye, French film and television actress.
  • Popularity:The popular name began in the 1900s. It reached its peak popularity in 2020, ranking 18th.

old, traditional, beautiful


Agnes was a famous Christian saint, Agnes of Rome, which means pure, rich, divine, and holy. Agnes was often depicted with a lamb at her side, symbolizing the softness of her name.

  • Origen:Greek, French
  • Meaning:pure, virgin
  • Pronunciation:Ag-NEHS, AG-nis, AK-nas
  • Variations:Agni, Inés, Agnus
  • homonyms:Agnes Knochenhauer, 2014 Olympic silver medalist (curling).
  • Popularity:Agnes has become one of the most common French female names in Christian Europe due to its famous namesake, Saint Agnes.

Antique, Traditional, Unique


A beautiful and fantastic name, it carries positive energy both inside and out.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:beloved, dear friend
  • Pronunciation:A(i)-mee, Ay-MEE
  • Variations:Amy, persona
  • homonyms:Aimée Richardson, actress known for the American television series "Game of Thrones."
  • Popularity:Aimée was part of the top 80 baby names in the North and SouthIreland,Scotland, England, but remains unique in France and the US.

parisian, popular, beautiful


Aleksandra is a variation of the name Aleksandra and symbolizes courage, patience and kindness – the perfect name for a newborn girl.

  • Origen:German, French
  • Meaning:defender of humanity
  • Pronunciation:A-lexa-ndrine, Alex(an)-drine
  • Variations:Alexandra, Alexandra, Alexandra
  • homonyms:Alexandrine Latendresse, Member of Parliament for the New Democratic Party for Louis-Saint-Laurent, Canada.
  • Popularity:Aleksandrin began his fame when he was ranked 466 in 1999. The popular name is less popular now than it was in the 2000s.

Traditional, antique, unique


Alice is a classic literary name that is both strong and sweet. The word projects a modest diversity of will and independence in the details.

  • Origen:German, French
  • Meaning:sublime, noble
  • Pronunciation:AL-you, A-READ
  • Variations:sorry alecia
  • homonyms:Alice, the main character of the book and the film "Alice in Wonderland."
  • Popularity:A famous name, holding a place in the top 100 since the 1980s. The name has been the fourth most popular name for five years in a row.

Beautiful, classic, unique.


Amelie is a unique and desirable name for passion and commitment. The word also symbolizes unwavering loyalty and devotion.

  • Origen:french german
  • Meaning:worker, worker
  • Pronunciation:A-meh-LEE, Ah-muh-lee
  • Variations:Amalia, Emily, Amelia
  • homonyms:Amalie Kober, 2014 Olympic bronze medalist (snowboarding).
  • Popularity:The name Amelie entered the French list of girls' names in the 20th century. She peaked at number 16 in 1991 and steadily grew in popularity through the early 2000s.

Parisian, popular, unique


Amy is a stage name that people loved in the 1970s because of its simplicity and unique meaning. It is a sweet name for an innocent and blessed girl.

  • Origen:Old French, English
  • Meaning:to be loved
  • Pronunciation:aj-mee
  • Variations:friend to friend
  • homonyms:Amy Winehouse, British singer-songwriter. Amy Adams, American actress and producer.
  • Popularity:The name became popular in the 1960s, when parents rediscovered great short, classic names. Throughout the 1970s, the name ranked second on the naming charts.

old, classic, cute


Angelique is a lovely name worth considering for little angels. The French version dresses up the name and instantly adds style and sophistication.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:Messenger of God, angelic
  • Pronunciation:A-no-to, AHN-ha-leek
  • Variations:Angeline, Angelee, Angelika
  • Popularity:Angelique was a household name in the late 1960s, thanks to her namesake character on the soap opera "Dark Shadows."

Beautiful, beautiful, classic

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Annabelle is a classic romantic name that exudes sweetness and affection. It is the perfect name for a loved and loved girl.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:amar
  • Pronunciation:An-ah-behl
  • Variations:Anabella, Anabella, Anabella, Anabella
  • homonyms:"Annabelle Lee", a poem by Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Popularity:Annabelle was widely used in the early 20th century, took a long hiatus, and then resurfaced in 1995. The trend started in the 1990s, ranking 57th in 2014 and 222nd in 2021.

beautiful, old, beautiful


Annette favors the meaning of mercy and forgiveness. She symbolizes the importance of humility and kindness above all else.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:Merciful
  • Pronunciation:A-NE, Ah-NE
  • Variations:Annie, Anny, Anette, Annet, Annett, Anouk
  • homonyms:Annette Gerritsen, 2010 Olympic silver medalist (speed skating).
  • Popularity:Annette is a common name in the United States and France. It became popular in the United States in the late 1950s thanks to the fame of actress Annette Funicello.

parisian, vintage, traditional


Antoinette is a rare, sweet and charming name. She is also the diminutive female form of Antoine. The term originated in France and was popularized by Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, during the French Revolution.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:for every praise
  • Pronunciation:AHN-TWA-NEHT
  • Variations:Antoine, Antonija
  • homonyms:Marianne Antoinette van Geenhuizen, Olympic gold medalist (field hockey).
  • Popularity:Antoinette entered the popularity chart in France in the 1900s, ranking 31st.

Antique, Traditional, Unique


Arielle is a fiery name that symbolizes the will and determination of a Leo. It is the perfect name for a modern baby princess.

  • Origen:hebrew, french
  • Meaning:Lion of God
  • Pronunciation:Air-ee-el
  • Variations:Arelle, Ariele, Ariel
  • homonyms:Arielle Jacobs, singer and actress, seen primarily on stage in musicals.
  • Popularity:It became more common for women in the 1980s, mainly after it was used for the main character in a Disney movie.bad mermaid(1989).

classic, unique, cute


Astrid stands out from the rest with her thick accent and fantastic tone. She is a name that is easy to remember and will certainly be remembered for years.

  • Origen:Scandinavian, French
  • Meaning:divinely beautiful
  • Pronunciation:AS-trid, AH-calle
  • Variations:Astrid, Estrid, Astrid
  • homonyms:Astrid Caroline Herrera, Miss World 1984. Astrid Lindgren, Swedish writer and author of Pippi Longstocking.
  • Popularity:Astrid first appeared on the French charts in the 1930s, peaking in 1973 at number 143 in the world.

beautiful, fresh, sweet


Audette sounds very majestic and divine. She is often interchanged with Odette, which loosely translates as rich. The word is associated with the ancient homeland of the French people. The original bearer of the name Audette, a local surname, once lived, owned land, or was even born in the beautiful Savoy region of southeastern France.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:Bird
  • Pronunciation:O-TEN
  • Variations:Audet, Auddet, Odet, Auddey, Audaie

old, traditional, beautiful


Audrey is a name given to many famous people. Think Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Justine Tautou, to name a few. Most of the people who hear this name choose it for the feminine charm and romantic appeal of it.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:A noble or ancient power
  • Pronunciation:Aw-dree, O-DREH
  • Variations:Audree, Audri, Audry
  • homonyms:Audrey Landers, actress, producer and writer.
  • Popularity:Audrey was a household name in 2013, ranking at number 33. It's still trending right now and remains in the top 100 name choices for girls.

popular, classic, great


A pleasant and relaxing name, Aurélie exudes a majestic and divine energy. Aurélie is a soft French variant of Aurelia, soft and charming in its own right.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:The Golden
  • Pronunciation:Au-re-lie, O-REH-LEE
  • Variations:Aurelia, Aurelea
  • homonyms:Aurélie Claudel, French model and actress.
  • Popularity:Aurélie became popular in the early 1980s, holding the number one spot for five consecutive years (1982-1986), and maintaining its popularity into the early 2000s.

Beautiful, Cool, Old


Auriane is a lesser known name compared to her distant cousin, Arrianne. It is a creative Parisian name that sends a warm, friendly and pure feeling to the heart and soul.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning: Oro
  • Pronunciation:Aw-RI-an
  • Variations:Aurane, Aureane, Aurianie, Auriana
  • Popularity:In 2019, Auriane was ranked 932 in France. Since then, the demand for the name has increased as French parents prefer unique and rare names.

parisian, old, cool


Aurora is the French form of Aurora. Named after the Roman goddess of dawn, whose tears turned to morning dew. Both names are associated with the name of the northern lights, Aurora Borealis.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:morning goddess
  • Pronunciation:AW-RAWR
  • Variations:Avrora, Aurora

Beautiful, beautiful, classic

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Aveline is the Old French version of a much older name, Avila. The Norman-French variant has become famous in Britain for its classic, elegant and sophisticated aura.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:Hazelnut color
  • Pronunciation:A-VAY-lin, AV-EE-leen
  • Variations:Eileen, Evelina, Avalina, Evelyn
  • Popularity:After the Middle Ages, Aveline left the list of popular French names for girls in France. Fortunately, however, she branched out and stayed in America until the 19th century.

Antique, unique, traditional


Derived from Beatrix, Beatrice had her humble beginnings and remains a humble name despite her newfound fame.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:Blessed
  • Pronunciation:Beh-a-tree-cheh, BEE-ah-tris
  • Variations:Beatriz, Bea, Abeja
  • homonyms:Beatrice Prior, the main character in the 2014 film "Divergent."
  • Popularity:Beatrice began to attract attention in 1926 and peaked at number 17 in 1960. She was part of the top 100 in France for almost four decades, making the name popular there.

cool, beautiful, popular


Belle is a widely used name known and decorated with the meaning of beautiful. It is a princess name that remains sweet despite the passing of the years.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:Beautiful
  • Pronunciation:Behl
  • Variations:Isabel, Bella, Izzy
  • Popularity:Belle was a Top 100 name in the 1880s, but left the list in 1934. She returned to the US Top 1000 for the first time in 80 years in 2016.

sweet, beautiful


Bernadette is nice, feminine, buta strong namethat ages like a fine wine. It has repeatedly proven itself as a name that adapts to change and never goes out of style.

  • Origen:Germany, French
  • Meaning:brave as a bear
  • Pronunciation:BEHR-NA-DEHT
  • Popularity:Bernadette became one of the popular French female names of the 1900s, reaching 16th place in 1949. The name was launched globally after the film "The Song of Bernadette" successfully captured the attention of a multicultural public.

sweet, cool


Blisse is a French variant of the well-known name Bliss, which means happiness. Blisse is a sweet, optimistic and encouraging modern name. It is a monosyllabic name that I love because it is easy to pronounce.

  • Origen:French English
  • Meaning:Joy, happiness, delight
  • Variations:happiness, bliss, bliss
  • Popularity:Blisse is an unusual and unique name for women. It will soon become famous and will be among the top 1000 names for girls in the world.

Antique, Traditional, Unique


Brielle is an elaborate French short version of the famous name Gabrielle. It has biblical and mythological roots, making it a favorite name across cultures and generations.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:God is my strength
  • Pronunciation:Bree-EHL
  • Variations:Gabrielle, Bryelle, Gabby
  • Popularity:Aside from France, Brielle is most popular in the United States. Brielle was high on the 1990s chart in the US, at number 942 despite its late introduction. In 2021, she was ranked 99th.

Beautiful, Parisian, beautiful


Brigitte is a close relative of Brighid, the Irish goddess of fire and poetry. Similarly, the spelling and tone of the name convey a fierce and powerful energy.

  • Origen:German, French
  • Meaning:Holy child blessed by God
  • Pronunciation:BREE-ZHET
  • Variations:Brigitta, Birgit
  • homonyms:Brigitte Yague, 2012 Olympic silver medalist (taekwondo).
  • Popularity:Brigitte was very popular in France in the 20th century. But gradually the name became rare as time went by. Today it is considered a rare gem.

old, beautiful


Camille gives off bright, enthusiastic and inspiring vibes. It is one of the most versatile French female names, as it can be used as a given name, a partner name, and a nickname.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:A young ringmaster
  • Pronunciation:CAH-meel
  • Variations:Camila, Cami (nickname)
  • homonyms:Camille Grammar, musical film producerA Christmas Carol: The Musical(2004). Camille Dalmais, better known by the mononym Camille de ella, is a French singer-songwriter and occasional actress.

beautiful, popular, cool


A timeless classic, Caroline has been in the top 100 names for girls since 1994. The name itself exudes timeless elegance.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:strong, free, brave
  • Pronunciation:Ka-ruh-line, Keh-ruh-line
  • Variations:carlyn, carolyn, carolina
  • homonyms:Caroline Kebbel, actress and model. Caroline Forbes, a character in the Vampire Diaries series of novels.
  • Popularity:Caroline is a trending name that peaked in popularity in 2017, ranking at number 55. Today, she is in the top 100 at number 71.

classic, unique, popular


The name of Catherine itself seems happy and beautiful. Catherine exudes a beautiful and sweet energy, perfect for a sweet and loving girl.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:cleaning done
  • Pronunciation:Ka-TU-REEN, Kat-REEN
  • Variations:Catalina, Cathryn, Katherine
  • homonyms:Catherine Zeta-Jones, award-winning Welsh actress. Catherine O'Hara, Canadian-American actress.
  • Popularity:Catherine has become one of the famous French names for girls in Christian communities because it is the name of one of their saints, Catherine of Alexandria.

classic, traditional, unique

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Célestine is a name that describes an elegant yet powerful aura. The word itself means heavenly and heavenly, reflecting the non-superficial vintage beauty of it.

  • Origen:Latin, French
  • Meaning:the the
  • Pronunciation:SEHL-e-steen, SEH-LEHS-TEEN
  • Variations:Celeste, Celeste, Celestina, Celestina, Celestia
  • homonyms:Celestine Ann Beyonce Knowles, mother of the famous singer Beyonce.
  • Popularity:One of many popular French female names, even Edgar Degas' Creole mother was namesake.

beautiful, old, unique


Celine is a stylish name known all over the world for her colorful history. Ella is the perfect fantastic name for a heavenly baby girl.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:Celestial
  • Pronunciation:SEH-LEEN
  • Variations:Selene, Celina
  • homonyms:Celine Dion, French-Canadian singer. CELINE, French fashion brand.
  • Popularity:Celine has many famous namesakes, making her a recognizable name around the world. Her popularity goes beyond mere measurements - a truly legendary name.

popular, beautiful, cool


Charlotte is a lovely name, so much so that it has charmed an entire generation of parents from many different backgrounds. Ella is a great popular girl name.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:A little free man
  • Pronunciation:SHAR-LAWT, SHAHR-LET
  • Variations:Charlotta, Charlize
  • homonyms:Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, daughter of Prince William of the British royal family. Charlotte Brontë, author of "Jane Eyre."
  • Popularity:Charlotte has consistently been in the top 10 names, peaking at #4 in 2014.

Beautiful, unique, popular.


Christine gives off happy and joyful vibes. She exudes a positive energy of nurturing, love and care.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:A follower, a good example
  • Pronunciation:KRESS-TEEN, Kris-TEEN
  • Variations:Christiane, Kristine, Christiana, Kristen
  • homonyms:Christine Todd Whitman, American Republican politician and writer. Christine Baranski, American actress and singer.
  • Popularity:Christine is popular and generally used in France and the US. The name peaked at number 3 on the French popularity charts in the 1960s.

classic, popular, beautiful


Claire is a variant of the traditional name Clara, which means clear and elegant. It is a well-established name that has been adored for at least four generations.

  • Origen:Latin, French
  • Meaning:Famous
  • Pronunciation:KLEHR
  • Variations:Clear, Clear, Clear
  • homonyms:Claire Foy, winner of the 2018 Emmy Award for the television series 'The Crown'.Popularity:A modern name in France, Claire has a century-long legacy as one of the top 100 choices from 1900 to 2006. The name was ranked 434th in 2020.

classic, old, beautiful


Derived from the ancient Greek Koralia, Coralie is a rare variant of Caroline. It does, however, gain some recognition through Neil Gaiman's creepy and adorable children's book Coraline.

  • Origen: ancient greece, French
  • Meaning:Coral
  • Pronunciation:KAW-RA-LEE, KAWR-ə-laž
  • Variations:Coralina, Coral, Koraljka
  • homonyms:Coralie Balmy, 2012 Olympic bronze medalist (swimming), Coralie Simmons, 2000 Olympic silver medalist (water polo)
  • Popularity:Coralie was very popular in French-speaking Quebec in 2021, with the rise of a contemporary French singer named Coralie Clement.

old, classic


Cosette would be a sweet and charming French girl. Some etymologists believe that she is Colette, originally a feminine short form of Nicholas.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:A bit
  • Pronunciation:KAW-ZEHT
  • Variations:Cosetta, Cozette, Colette
  • Popularity:Cosette is best known as the heroine of Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" (1862). Also, Cossette is not on most commonly used French girl name lists.

Old, classic, unique.


Danielle is a natural and gentle name. It symbolizes good behavior and class, perfect for a good girl.

  • Origen:french, latin
  • Meaning:God is my judge
  • Pronunciation:Da-NYEHL, Dan-YEHL
  • Variations:Danijela, Danijela, Dani (apodo)
  • homonyms:Danielle Johnson, character from the television series "Orange Is the New Black." Danielle Steele, bestselling author.
  • Popularity:Danielle made waves in the world of baby names in the 1930s and big waves from the mid-1980s to the 1990s.

old, beautiful, popular


Delia is a name adored in literature and recorded in history books throughout the centuries. Ella is a sweet and romantic name known as a nickname for the classic French names for girls: Adelia and Cordelia.

  • Origen:Old German, French
  • Meaning:Noble, honorable
  • Pronunciation:DEHL
  • Variations:share, share
  • homonyms:Delia Ephron, best-selling American writer, screenwriter, and playwright.

old, traditional, beautiful


Denise is a mythological and mystical name. She symbolizes intuition, clarity and pleasure. She celebrates the magical beginnings of a newborn.

  • Origen:French, Greek
  • Meaning:god of nisa
  • Variations:Denyce, Dennise, Denisse, Denice
  • homonyms:Denise Richards, American actress who became a Bond girl in The World Is Never Enough.
  • Popularity:Denise reached her peak of popularity in the 1950s and lay dormant for five decades before coming back into fashion.


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Elaine is a romantic name, perfect for a darling girl who is sure to be your bright and shining light.

  • Origen:French,Scottish
  • Meaning:A bright and dazzling light
  • Variations:superior
  • homonyms:Princess Elaine, an Arthurian princess who fell in love with Sir Lancelot and is called "Elaine the Fair".
  • Popularity:The Elaine was all the rage in the 1900s and stayed that way for half a century before becoming a rarity. In the 21st century, we see subtle signs that the name is coming back into vogue.

Parisian, classic, beautiful


Éléanore is one of the traditional French female names that has stood the test of time. Like an old French village, the name is fresh and fine, completely natural and original.

  • Origen:French, Greek
  • Meaning:Sun rays
  • Pronunciation:El-LAY-ah-nor, Oh-el-nor
  • Variations:Eleanor, Ellen (famous)
  • homonyms:(Anna) Eleonore Sullivan (born Eleanora Franchi), Italian courtesan to Marie Antoinette of France. Eleanore Cammack "Cammie" King, American actress.

old, classic, beautiful


Élise is a eloquent name loved for its interesting spelling and elegant pronunciation. Many people like her because she is very cute and cute at the same time.

  • Origen:french, latin
  • Meaning:god's promise
  • Variations:Alyse, Alicia
  • Popularity:Élisa's popularity is widespread in France. It is currently in the top 100 names in the US and in the top 500 names in the world.

Parisian, classic, beautiful


Elle is a very popular and trendy name in the United States. Elle is a great short name that suits a beautiful girl well and is sure to make her and others' hearts happy.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:So
  • Variations:Ell, Ellie, Ella, Eleanore (short for)
  • homonyms:Elle Fanning, a rising young American actress and sister of Dakota Fanning.

beautiful, cool, popular


Eloise is a classy name favored for its graceful aura. The name evokes a new generation of sophistication, fit for a modern girl.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:The healthy, intelligent
  • Pronunciation:Ay-lo-ZEE
  • Variations:Elouise, Elois
  • homonyms:Susan Eloise Hinton, writer of "The Outsiders."
  • Popularity:Eloise is a fast rising star – starting at number 999 at the beginning of 2020, she peaked at number 138 at the end of the same year!

beautiful, popular, cool


Ember is a modest and refined name that symbolizes the harmony of humility and pride. Ella is the perfect name for a mystically beautiful girl.

  • Origen:French, Old English
  • Meaning:Amber, gold, low burning
  • Variations:Embry, Emmy
  • homonyms:Ember Moon, American professional wrestler.
  • Popularity:Ember is currently number 92 on the list of the most popular names in the world and number 187 in the US.

classic, beautiful, great


Emeraude is an expressive first name or name for a girl. The history of the name is rooted in boldness, self-confidence and enthusiasm (of passion). It is the perfect rare name for a beautiful lady.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:emerald, gem, star
  • Pronunciation:It's-another-OHD
  • Variations:Esmeralda
  • homonyms:Emeraude Toubia, American actress of Canadian descent who played Isabelle Lightwood in "Shadowhunters." Coty's Emeraude, a vintage perfume brand from the 1920s.
  • Popularity:Emeraude has yet to make it onto the French girl naming charts.

Parisian, beautiful, unique


Émilie is a name that celebrates individualism, uniqueness and a passionate life. It's a fiery name that exudes confidence, perfect for a free-spirited girl.

  • Origen:French, Middle Ages
  • Meaning:Strive, stand out, succeed
  • Pronunciation:Ay-mee-LEE, EM-il-ee
  • Variations:Emilio, Emelie
  • homonyms:Emilie de Ravin, Australian-American actress. Emilie Livingston, Canadian Olympic rhythmic gymnast.
  • Popularity:Emilie is a lesser known name than other variants, such as Emilia.

old, classic, beautiful


Esme is a perfect romantic name for a strong, independent and modern princess. Loved for her brevity and sweetness, Esme is truly an unforgettable name.

  • Origen:Old French, Spanish
  • Meaning:valued, loved
  • Variations:Esmay, Esmae, Ime
  • Popularity:Esme is a very popular French girl name in the UK.

Parisian, classic, beautiful


Estelle is a relaxed and cheerful name that evokes a sense of fun and adventure. The perfect name for a little girl who will surely be your star.

  • Origen:Old French, Latin
  • Meaning:Estrella
  • Variations:star, star
  • homonyms:Estelle Getty, American actress best known for her role as Sophia on The Golden Girls.
  • Popularity:After a fifty-year absence, Estelle re-entered the US Top 1000 in 2012. Her popularity continues as the Swedish royal couple chose her as their first child.

Genial, Popular

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Fayette is an enlightened name that expresses fidelity and loyalty. It is a perfect name that guarantees love, affection and happiness.

  • Origen:Old French, English
  • Meaning:Faith, faith, little fairy
  • Pronunciation:FA-Ipak, Fair-ET, Fey-EHT
  • Variations:Fayetta, (oblik) Faye
  • Popularity:Today, Fayette is among the 24% of the most frequently used French female names in the world. The name is more widespread in the country of origin, France.

traditional, unique


Felia is a gentle name that is memorable and unique. The name is also a family nickname and an abbreviation for Ophelia, which means help and kindness.

  • Origen:French, Latin, Greek
  • Meaning:Happy, happy and helpful daughter
  • Pronunciation:FEY-Li-YAH
  • Variations:She, Felicia
  • homonyms:Felia Litvinne,Russian-Frenchsoprano opera. Felia Doubrovsk, Russian ballerina.
  • Popularity:Felia is not in any of the best French names for girls yet - an unusual and unique name.

old, classic, beautiful


Floriane is a name that shakes the senses. It is picturesque with spring and blooming flowers in the warm sun. It embodies indescribable happiness.

  • Origen:French, Latin,German
  • Meaning:flower, flower, spring
  • Pronunciation:Flor-YAHN, FlaoRYAE-N
  • Variations:Florianne, Florián, Florina
  • homonyms:Floriane Daniel, German actress.
  • Popularity:Floriane is one of the rare French names for girls. It has not been on any list from 1900 to today.

Classic, unique, beautiful.


Francine is an elegant name that projects class and glamor like a princess. She projects the perfect amount of sweetness and confidence.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:From France, freedom, solidarity
  • homonyms:Francine Descartes, daughter of the French philosopher René Descartes. Francine Jones, character from the television series "Doctor Who."
  • Popularity:Francine became a popular variant of the name Francis that went mainstream when Pope Francis took office in 2013. As of 2021, it is one of the most popular French female names worldwide.

Old, traditional, fresh


Gabrielle is an old name in Christianity. She is a feminine variant of the name of the angel Gabriel. The name conveys purity and goodness.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:The strength of God, the woman of God
  • Pronunciation:Gah-bri-she
  • Variations:Gabriela, Gavrila, Gabby
  • homonyms:Gabriella, English singer. Gabrielle Anwar, Anglo-American actress, known for her role in the films Press Gang, The Tudors, etc.
  • Popularity:Gabrielle was in the top 10 French female names of the 1990s. However, the French name faded into the background in favor of a new one.Italian variant, Gabriela.

old, traditional, beautiful


Isabelle is an elegant Parisian name, perfect for a beautiful girl with pure innocence.

  • Origen:french, medieval times
  • Meaning:promised to god
  • Variations:Izabela, Izabela, Izabela
  • homonyms:Isabelle Bridges, daughter of Jeff Bridges. Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher, daughter of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.
  • Popularity:Isabelle is a buzz name, especially in the entertainment industry. Many families admire this name and use it to name their children.

Parisian, classic, beautiful


Janelle is a more detailed variant of Jane. Janelle is a soulful name with deep spiritual meaning that speaks to the heart and soul.

  • Origen:French, Filipino
  • Meaning:God is gracious and merciful
  • Pronunciation:Jhaa-NEHL
  • Variations:Janelle, Jannel, Jannell, Janelle
  • homonyms:Janelle Monáe, singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress. Janelle Taylor, writer.
  • Popularity:Janelle is among the 500 most popular French names for girls in the United States.

old, traditional, beautiful


Jeanne is essentially a Parisian name. The way it is written and pronounced is very elegant and elegant, just like French culture.

  • Origen:French English
  • Meaning:God is a gracious and blessed child of heaven
  • Pronunciation:JEEN, ZHAN, JEE-ne, GEE-anne
  • Variations:Jane, Jean, Sheanne, Joan, Joanne, Joanna
  • homonyms:Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), 15th century French heroine. Jeanne Birdsall, American writer, best known for her series Penderwicks.

parisian, old, beautiful


Juliette is a romantic name with an undertone of sophistication. It is the perfect name for a loved and cared for girl.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:young, relaxed
  • Pronunciation:christmas-ee-one
  • Variations:Julia, Julia, Juliet
  • homonyms:Juliette Lewis, multi-award winning American actress.
  • Popularity:Juliet is one of the French female names heard around the world thanks to Romeo and Juliet.

classic, beautiful


Laure is a rare variant of the fashionable name Laura. Laure is a symbol of honor, pride and fame, old sentimental values.

  • Origen:french, latin
  • Meaning:Laurel, sweet laurel tree, symbol of victory
  • Pronunciation:LAW-reh
  • Variations:laura
  • homonyms:Laure, princess of Chimay and lady-in-waiting to Marie Antoinette. Laure Manaudou, French Olympic swimmer.
  • Popularity:Laure is a rare and unique name known to few. It is not found in any of the top names in the world.

Antique, Traditional, Unique

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Leonie is a chic Parisian name. It is a modest but confident name that expresses pride in just the right measure. It is the perfect name for a free-spirited girl.

  • Origen:Latin, French
  • Meaning:lava
  • Variations:lioness
  • homonyms:Aunt Leonie, character from "Memories of the Past" by Proust.
  • Popularity:Leonie became a household name in modern times when Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel named their beautiful daughter.

classic, beautiful, popular


Lea is a name with biblical and mythological meaning. The name symbolizes the softness of feathers and the tenderness of warm breath. The name itself sounds like a whisper of good wishes and harmony.

  • Origen:French, German, Hebrew
  • Meaning:soft, tender
  • Pronunciation:LEE-ah
  • Variations:Leah, Leah, Leah
  • homonyms:Lea Salonga, Filipino singer and actress best known for her roles in musical theater.
  • Popularity:Lea is a worldwide popular name. It is most widespread in Belgium (#78) and France (#73).

old, beautiful


Lena is a charming, romantic and beautiful name for a girl. Ella is an elegant and intelligent name that exudes sophistication and grace.

  • Origen:French, Greek
  • Meaning:A ray of light, bright
  • Pronunciation:LEE-no
  • Variations:Leena, Lenna, Leana, Lina
  • homonyms:Lena Dunham, producer and actress best known for the series "Girls." Lena Headey, actress, better known as Cersei Lannister in "Game of Thrones". Lena Luthor, character from the television series "Supergirl."

classic, beautiful


Liana is a new name that is reminiscent of spring and the sun. It expresses the feeling that warms the heart of a newborn. It can also be a nickname for Julianna.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:To twist like a vine, one that embraces
  • Variations:Leiana, Liana, Iliana
  • Popularity:Liana is one of the rarest French female names. But he is famous for a close relative of hers named Juliana.



Lilou is a more relaxed and calm variant of its classic counterparts. It is unique but unforgettable, perfect for a cheerful and happy girl.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:God is abundance, a glorious warrior
  • Pronunciation:LEE-LOO
  • Variations:Ljiljan (derived from), (short for) Liliane, Liliana
  • homonyms:Lilou Macé, French-American author and television personality. Leeloo, Milla Jovovich's character in "The Fifth Element".
  • Popularity:Lilou is an unusual name that is yet to make the top list of most popular names.

unique, cute, cool


Lizette is the diminutive form of Elizabeth. Furthermore, Lizette is the refined and upper-class counterpart of Elizabeth, who is used as a nickname by royal families and famous stars.

  • Origen:French, Greek
  • Meaning:Promised to God, promised to God, blessed by heaven
  • Variations:Lisette, Lizzie (apod)
  • homonyms:Lizette Salas, professional golfer. Lizette Carrion, American actress.
  • Popularity:Despite its complex origins, Lizette remains a unique name used by few. It is a rare gem of a name, prized by the elect.

old, traditional, beautiful


Lorraine is a great name for a brave and charming girl. Lorraine has biblical and mythical roots in Old French, wrapping them in a rich history.

  • Origen:Old French, English, German
  • Meaning:glorious army
  • Pronunciation:ley-rayn
  • Variations:Lorena, Lorrie
  • homonyms:Lorraine Bracco, American actress best known for her role on The Sopranos. Lorraine Wicks, character from the British soap opera "EastEnders".
  • Popularity:Lorraine is the name of the city where Joan of Arc is from. From that period, the name began to recall the heroism of Joan of Arc.

Parisian, classic, cool


Louise is a fierce and confident name. Its origins date back to ancient times of battle and warrior courage. Louise's nicknames include Lou, Lou-Lou, and Lilou.

  • Origen:French, High German
  • Meaning:A famous, competent, desirable warrior.
  • Variations:Aloisa, Loisa, Eloisa
  • homonyms:Louise Fitzhugh, novelist. Louise Bourgeois, sculptor. Louise Brooks, actress.
  • Popularity:Louise is a popular name among famous stars. Madonna, Meryl Streep and Aretha Franklin are proud to have Louise as a middle name.

old, classic, beautiful


Young parents love Lucille for the old-fashioned romantic feeling it evokes. The name is one of the most beautiful and elegant French names for girls that is loved all over the world.

  • Origen:french christian
  • Meaning:Luz
  • Pronunciation:LOO-SEEL
  • homonyms:Luclle Désirée Ball, American actress and comedian. Lucille "Lucy" van Pelt, a character from the Peanuts series.
  • Popularity:Lucille is a classic 19th century name, revived and modernized in the 21st century.

Parisian, classic, beautiful


Lyonette is a sure name that flies the flag for the modern woman. It is the perfect name for parents looking for a strong French name for their baby. Although it is classic and beautiful, it also speaks of strength and courage because of its meaning.

  • Origen:french, latin
  • Meaning:Little lion, fair, brave
  • Variations:Lyones, Lyonesse, Lyonet
  • Popularity:Lyonette is an unusual variation of the well-known and beloved name Lynette. It is a different name with an ancient charm of strength and confidence. It's still a rarity with great potential to lead a celebrity trend.

Parisian, classic, beautiful

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Madeline is a popular choice in history and literature. Madeline's nicknames include Deline, Lina, Maddie, and Mads.

  • Origen:Greek, French, English
  • Meaning:Child of light, from the high tower
  • Variations:Madeleine, Magdalena, Magdalena
  • homonyms:Madeleine M. Stowe, American actress. Madeleine Lengle, American children's writer.
  • Popularity:Madeline is consistently popular and has remained in the top 100 since 2020. She reached her most recent peak in 2008 at number 56.

classic, beautiful, great


Mae is a modernized and fashionable name with rich historical and cultural roots. It is a nickname for Maria and Margareta; and works well as a paired name like Mae Ann, Claire Mae, and more.

  • Origen:French,romano
  • Meaning:Goddess of spring, prosperity.
  • Variations:May, Maye, Maia
  • homonyms:Mary Jane "Mae" West, American actress. Mae Carol Jemison, firstafrican american womanastronaut.
  • Popularity:Mae is a name widely used throughout the world.

Traditional, old, classic.


Marceline is a feminine name with a vintage and fantasy charm. She is the perfect upper class name for a girl forever blessed with a heart of gold.

  • Origen:french, latin
  • Meaning:A brave young warrior dedicated to Mars
  • Pronunciation:be-its-read
  • Variations:Marcelina, Marcheline, Celine (nadimak)
  • homonyms:Marceline, known as the Vampire Queen from 2010 to 2018 in the animated television series "Adventure Time." Marceline Day, American actress.
  • Popularity:Marceline is an unusual and uncommon name.

Traditional, Parisian, beautiful


Marion is a highly symbolic name with a rich history. Her proud origins from the Middle Ages make her beauty timeless and unique.

  • Origen:French, Latin, Old English
  • Meaning:lady of the sea
  • Variations:Mariana, Maria
  • homonyms:Marion Cotillard, Oscar-winning actress who appeared in the films "Big Fish" and "La Vie en Rose." Marion Bradley, author of the fantasy "Mists of Avalon."
  • Popularity:A variant of the name was more popular in the Middle Ages, and was revived in the early and mid-19th century in Britain.

Antique, Traditional, Unique


Marlene is a distant spelling variation of Maria Magdalena, but it still means light and shine. Marlene is a cheerful name that represents a feeling of sweet happiness, perhaps just what you will feel with the birth of your newborn.

  • Origen:French, Latin, Greek
  • Meaning:Child of light, of touch, bright, bright
  • Pronunciation:Mahr-LEEN, Mar-LYNE, Mar-LAYN
  • Variations:Merleen, Marline, Marlena, Marlie
  • homonyms:Marlene Dietrich, actress.
  • Popularity:Despite his famousbiblical originshistory, Marlene remains a unique and rare name anywhere in the world.

Traditional, old, beautiful


matilde youelegant girl nameworshiped in various cultures. The name itself exudes a royal look, perfect for a chic and youthful girl.

  • Origen:french german
  • Meaning:Strong in war, battle girl
  • Pronunciation:Muh-TIL-dah
  • Variations:Matilda, Matilda, Matilda
  • homonyms:Mathilde de Marie Christiane, Queen of Belgium. Mathilde Donnay, the main character of the French film "A Very Long Engagement."
  • Popularity:Mathilde has namesakes who belong to at least two royal families: Belgian and Danish.

Parisian, traditional, beautiful


Maxine is an extremely positive name for a girl. She is full of life, perfect for a perky baby with a twinkle in her eye.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:The biggest, biggest woman
  • Variations:Maxinne, Max (nickname)
  • homonyms:Maxine Elliott, American stage actress. Maxine Waters, US Congresswoman from California.
  • Popularity:Maxine was one of the 100 most popular names at the turn of the 20th century. Since then it became rare until it was revered in 2016.

beautiful, parisian


Melanie is a special name that expresses a strong and independent beauty. She is perfect for a modern girl.

  • Origen:German French,Dutch
  • Meaning: darkmysteriously beautiful
  • Pronunciation:MEHL-a-nee, MEH-la-nee, Meh-la-NEE
  • Variations:Melania, Mel, Lanie (stampede)
  • homonyms:Melanie Wikes, famous character from the novel "Gove with the Wind" (1936) and the film adaptation that followed.
  • Popularity:Melanie was one of the favorite French female names in the Middle Ages. Later the name also became popular in England.

old, unique, classic


Michelle is a name that boldly expresses beauty and freedom, perfect for a unique girl.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:She who is like God
  • Variations:Michele, Michaela
  • homonyms:Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States.
  • Popularity:Since the 1950s, Michelle has steadily climbed to the top of the world rankings. She reached her heyday in the 1970s, reaching No. 1. The name remains popular today, especially as her namesake became the first black First Lady of the United States.

Traditional, classic, beautiful.

mirabelle plum

Mirabelle is a name fit for a princess. She is cute and amazing at the same time. A well-known and endearing nickname for Mirabella is Mira, which means peaceful and prosperous.

  • Origen:French, Italian, Latin
  • Meaning:Wonderful, magnificent, incredible beauty.
  • Variations:Mirabella (Latin), Mirabelle
  • homonyms:Mirabelle Buttersfield, the heroine of the novel "Shopgirl" by Steve Martin. Mirabelle Beatrice Lee, American child actress; Twin sister of Anais Lee.

Parisian, beautiful, popular

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Morgana is elegant and readymagic namefor a girl It is an inspiring name that wants the baby to become more and more beautiful and bright with time.

  • Origen:French, Old English
  • Meaning:Marine circle, extraordinary brilliance, inhabitant of the brilliant sea
  • Pronunciation:Mor-GAH-nah
  • Variations:Morgana, Morgann
  • homonyms:Morgana King, American singer and actress. Morgana le Fay, King Arthur's half-sister.
  • Popularity:Morgana gained attention thanks to the famous pop singer Morgana King.

Bella, Parisina, classical


The root of the word Natalie is "natal." It is a name that celebrates the birth of a girl who is a blessing to the world.

  • Origen:French, English, Latin
  • Meaning:Birthday
  • Variations:Natalee, Nataly, Natali
  • homonyms:Natalie Portman, Israeli-born American actress. Natalie Goodman, character from the musical "Next to Normal."
  • Popularity:Natalie is a classic name loved by many new parents. There are at least 20 variations of the name, a testament to how popular it is.

classic, popular, beautiful


The origin of the word Nelia goes back to the abbreviated form of the Latin word Cornelia. Nelia was an affectionate nickname, which became a name through modernization.

  • Origen:Latin, French
  • Meaning:Rog
  • Pronunciation:NIY-LYaa, NEEL-ya
  • Variations:Neelia, Neelya
  • homonyms:Nelia Penman, British politician.
  • Popularity:In addition to her proud beginnings in Latin and French culture, Nelia is one of the rare French female names, a true rare gem around the world.

Antique, Traditional, Unique


Nicole is a feminine derivative of the masculine name Nicolás.

  • Origen:French, Greek
  • Meaning:victory of the people
  • Pronunciation:Ni-KOHL
  • Variations:Collette, Nicollete, Nicola
  • homonyms:Nicole Kidman, American-Australian actress, producer and singer. Nicky Nichols, played by Natasha Lyonne in the series "Orange Is the New Black."
  • Popularity:Nicole was one of the top 10 names in the US from 1978 to 1988, peaking at #6 in 1982. Today, the name remains in the top 500 names in the world, ranking #266 in 2020.

popular, beautiful


Noelie is a rare and unique name for a girl born out of love and affection. The name means a new beginning, perfect as a memory of the birth of a beautiful girl.

  • Origen:Old French, Latin
  • Meaning:Birth, generation, birth of the Lord, Christmas
  • Pronunciation:Noweh-LIY
  • Variations:Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas
  • Popularity:Noelie is a relatively uncommon name around the world (except France). Her relative named Noelle is more famous and is in the top 1000 in the world.

Old, traditional, unusual


True to her roots in French culture, Pauline is a kind and romantic name. She exudes an immaculate beauty with so much potential for greatness.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:small, tiny, sweet
  • Variations:paulina
  • homonyms:Pauline Bonaparte, Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite sister. Pauline Sinclair, daughter of famous actor Vin Diesel (Mark Sinclair), named after Paul Walker.
  • Popularity:Pauline was in the top 50 names at the turn of the 20th century. But now Pauline is one of many names that are becoming more and more rare as time goes on.

Parisian, classic, beautiful


Rochelle is a cool Parisian name for a girl. The name is a symbol of strength in calm and charm. The name Rochelle can also be a gift of eager passion and glory for the life of the baby.

  • Origen:French, Old German
  • Meaning:Small stone, battle cry, rest
  • Pronunciation:Rosh-EL, Roh-SHELL
  • Variations:rashelle
  • homonyms:Rochelle Elizabeth Hudson, American actress. Rochelle Stanton, fictional character from the television series "NCIS: Los Angeles."

unique, fresh, beautiful


Rosette is a famous Parisian name, praised for its attractive spelling and pronunciation. The name evokes a dreamy sense of beauty, glamor and romance.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:a little rose
  • Pronunciation:Ro-zeht
  • Variations:Rozette, Rosetta, Rose, Rose
  • Popularity:Rosette is one of the most common and popular French female names. It is considered a romantic and beautiful name that is adored for its own sake.aura of classic and vintage reminiscence.

Parisian, classic, beautiful


Samuella is an unusual name for girls. Although familiar due to the root word "Sam", the name is different and distinctive, perfect for a special little girl. Samuelle is also a spiritual name that symbolizes a wish-filled life filled with abundance and blessings.

  • Origen:hebrew, french
  • Meaning:god heard
  • Pronunciation:SAA-Muweh-L, Sam-You-UL
  • Variations:Samella, Samuella
  • homonyms:Samuelle Lynne Acosta, known as "Sam" Pinto, is a Filipino actress and model.

Antique, Traditional, Unique


Sophie is a sweet and cute girl name. Nicknames for the name can be either Phee or Soph, also bothsweet names.

  • Origen:French, Greek
  • Meaning:Wisdom, intelligence
  • Variations:Sofia, Sofia, Sofia
  • homonyms:Sofia, Duchess of Wessex.
  • Popularity:Sophie was famous at the beginning of the 20th century. The name went on a century-long hiatus before coming back into vogue in the early 2000s.

beautiful, sweet, popular

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Stephanie is one of the most elegant and beautiful French names for girls. It is a living name that exudes confidence and timeless royalty.

  • Origen:French, Greek
  • Meaning:crown of glory, victorious
  • Pronunciation:Steh-fa-nee, Stef-an-ee
  • Variations:Stephany, Steffani, Stefany, Stefanie, Steph
  • homonyms:Princess Stéphanie Marie Elisabeth of Monaco, youngest daughter of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and American actress Grace Kelly. Stephanie Szostak, French actress.

classic, popular, beautiful


Sydney is a classic and consistently popular name in the United States. Although he goes up and down the top names globally, he's almost always somewhere on every list.

  • Origen:French, Old English
  • Meaning:Soft, calm, creative, elegant.
  • Pronunciation:born in sid
  • Variations:Sidney, Sid (nadimak)
  • homonyms:Sydney Pollack, actor and director. Sydney Bristow, protagonist of the television series "Alias". Sydney Tamiia Poitier, American television actress and daughter of Sidney Poitier.

Traditional, classic, popular


Sylvie is a sober and refined upper class name compared to her famous relative named Sylvia. It is a new version of the name: rare and unique.

  • Origen:French
  • Meaning:forest
  • Variations:silvia
  • homonyms:Sylvie Lushton, known as the Sorceress, a character from the Marvel comics. Lady Sylvie, the princess of Fairyland in the novel "Sylvie and Bruno".
  • Popularity:Sylvie was most popular in France in the 1950s and 1960s. But her modernized trend is yet to happen on a global scale.

Parisian, unusual, sweet


Teodora is a romantic and sweet name. From its historical roots, the name has an attractive and feminine note.

  • Origen:Greek, French
  • Meaning:Blessing
  • Pronunciation:TEE-o-do-rah
  • Variations:Theodora; nicknames can be Tea, Dora or Dory
  • homonyms:Teodora Mirčić, Serbian tennis player.
  • Popularity:Theodora was most popular in the 1890s and has since slipped in the world rankings. On the plus side, it's a unique name now.

old, unique, beautiful

The A

Thea is a name that expresses divine innocence and perfection. She is also a nickname or abbreviation for Dorothea, Althea, and Anthea.

  • Origen:Greek, French
  • Meaning:Goddess, gift of God
  • Pronunciation:TE-a, THAY-a, TAY-a
  • Variations:Tea, tea
  • homonyms:Thea Vidale, American comedian.
  • Popularity:Thea is a widely known name translated in many variations. However, the name is more popular in the US and Europe.

Classic, beautiful, unique.


Thérèse is a classic and expressive name that exudes delicacy and beauty. It is perfect as a timeless name for a girl.

  • Origen:French, Greek
  • Meaning:Collect
  • Variations:theresa, theresa
  • homonyms:Marie Thérèse Charlotte of France, daughter of Louis XVI. and Marie Antoinette. Thérèse Dion, Canadian television personality and mother of Celine Dion.
  • Popularity:Therese was most popular between the 1920s and 1950s in France. Today, it is the most popular variation worldwide.

parisian, classic


  • Origen:French English
  • Meaning:Brave (brave) and healthy boy
  • Pronunciation:VAL-e-ree
  • Variations:Valeria, Val (nadimak)
  • homonyms:Valérie Bertinelli, American actress. Valerie Martin, American writer whose novel "Property" won the Orange Award for Fiction.
  • Description: In her traditional origins, Valérie symbolizes strength and perseverance. The name wants a life full of curiosity and courage, it is one of the best French names for girls who have a colorful life ahead of them.

traditional, beautiful


Violette is a name with a rich history. But in modern times, the spelling of it makes it unique and different. Ella is an elegant and gentle name for a sweet girl.

  • Origen: latin, Old French, Italian
  • Meaning:Purple
  • Pronunciation:VYAW-LEHT, VI-OH-let, VEE-OH-let
  • Variations:Violeta, Violetta (Italian)
  • Popularity:Violette, unlike its close variation Violet, is a unique name. It is still considered a rare name and does not appear on most popular name lists.

old, classic, beautiful


Vivienne is an elaborate name whose beauty transcends time itself. Ella is perfect as a fancy name for a lively girl.

  • Origen:French, Gaelic
  • Meaning:Live your life
  • Variations:Vivian, Viv (nadimak)
  • homonyms:Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, actress. Vivienne Eastwood, British designer.
  • Popularity:Vivienne is a popular name that has peaked several times in the last few decades. An unforgettable moment was when Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie named their daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt.

Parisian, classic, beautiful


Yvonne is a world class name known and loved across all cultures. Famous nicknames include: Evie and Von.

  • Origen:french german
  • Meaning:wood archer warrior
  • Pronunciation:Ee-VAHN
  • Variations:Evon, Yvon, Yves
  • homonyms:Yvonne Dionne, one of the famous Dionne quartets. Yvonne Strahovski, Australian actress.
  • Popularity:Yvonne has remained in the trend for French female names. Ella is also popularly used in the US and moderately heard in the UK.

beautiful, popular

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What girl names mean honey? ›

Names That Mean Honey
  • Melina. Origin: Greek. Meaning: ...
  • Pamela. Origin: English. Meaning: ...
  • Melinda. Origin: English combination name. Meaning: ...
  • Miel. Origin: French. Meaning: ...
  • Pamina. Origin: Italian. Meaning: ...
  • Melita. Origin: Greek. Meaning: ...
  • Permilia. Origin: possibly a version of Pamela. Meaning: ...
  • Rosamel. Origin: French and Spanish.

What is the French name for beautiful girl? ›

Belle: Meaning “beautiful”. Bernadette: Meaning “brave as a bear”. Berthe: Meaning “bright”.

What is a unique French girl name? ›

Other top French names for girls around the world include Arielle, Belle, Eloise, Gabrielle, Juliette, and Vivienne. Unique French girl names gaining new attention in the US, France, and internationally include Darcy, Delphine, Elodie, Fleur, Ottilie, Romilly, and Sylvie.

What French girl names mean queen? ›

Reine. In French this girl's name simply means “queen,” which is the ideal name for your little royal.

What French girl name means honey? ›

The name Meline is primarily a female name of French origin that means Honey.

Is honey a pretty name? ›

Honey is a feminine name of Old English origin that means “nectar,” and is a unique way to celebrate baby's sweetness. While is a popular term of endearment in the U.S., it has become a beautiful name in its own right.

What is French for blonde girl? ›

blond. She's got blonde hair. Elle a les cheveux blonds.

What is French beauty called? ›

If you want to say “beauty” in French, the word is literally “la beauté.” Trying to describe someone or something as beautiful? When describing a person or object, you would generally say “beau” for men (or masculine object) and “belle” for woman (or feminine object).

What French girl names mean stars? ›

Estelle: An old-fashioned name having a bit of a revival, Estelle is a lovely French baby girl name that means “star.”

What French girl name means fairy? ›

Fay is a feminine name of French origin, meaning “fairy.” It is derived from the Old French word faie meaning “fairy,” coming from the Latin fata, which translates to “fate” or “destiny.” Fay has also conjured a selection of enchanting alternative spellings, including Fae, Faye, and Fey, offering parent the choice ...

What French girl name means hope? ›

Nadine — The French version of Nadia with the meaning of "hope."

Is luxury a girl name? ›

The word Luxury can be both a boy's and a girl's name meaning "extravagance, opulence". It represents a particularly opulent way to get to the nickname Lux (or Luxe).

What French girl names mean flower? ›

Fleur. Fleur is French for 'flower' and is a pretty, edgy name for a baby girl.

What French name means love? ›

Amour. Amour means love. Rarely used since the early 20th century, Amour is a French gender-neutral name that was used far more frequently for boys than it was for girls.

What French girl names mean peace? ›

Salomé Salomé features in the top 100 French baby girl names for 2019, and means 'peace.

What baby name means honey? ›

Melina is a girl's name of Greek origin that stems from the word méli, meaning “honey.” Historically, honey has been a valuable resource in numerous civilizations and symbolizes divinity and richness.

What is honey name short for? ›

The name Honey is primarily a female name of American origin that means Sweet As Honey. Also a nickname for Honora.

What name means honey? ›

Sudha is an Indian Hindu feminine name that means “honey” or “nectar”.

What does honey mean in love? ›

: sweetheart, dear. often used as a term of affection. : something very good.

Is honey a unique name? ›

In the United States, the name Honey reached its peak in the 1970s when it was ranked among the top 1000 names for girls. Since then, it has become less common, but it still remains a popular choice for parents who want a unique and meaningful name for their child.

How many names for honey? ›

synonyms for honey

On this page you'll find 30 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to honey, such as: darling, dear, dearie, deary, sweet, and sweetheart.

What is hair Colour in French? ›

noun. (= dye) couleur f de cheveux.

What French hair means? ›

Bangs (North American English), or a fringe (British English), are strands or locks of hair that fall over the scalp's front hairline to cover the forehead, usually just above the eyebrows, though can range to various lengths.

What gender are Colours in French? ›


What color are French girls nails? ›

When French women decide to get their nails painted or paint their nails themselves, they usually prefer to opt for any shades of red, beige, and pink. French women's nails are most of the time very classic.

What is French girl hair? ›

“French-girl hair” has become an idea in and of itself, describing an artfully rumpled head of hair that appears to have magically air-dried to a soft, wavy mass—no texture spray required.

What makes a girl look French? ›

What is the French girl look? The “French girl look” is a popular style trend that is often characterized by effortless, natural beauty. French girls are known for their classic style and simple elegance. They tend to dress in neutral colors and seem to always look put-together, even when they're not trying too hard.

What names mean butterfly in French? ›

Papillon is a name meaning "butterfly" in French.

What French girl names mean purple? ›

Violette is a feminine name of French origin, meaning “violet” or “purple flower.” It is related to the name Violet which is said to be one of the earliest flower names.

What is a pretty girl name? ›

Pretty Girl Names – Ooh La La!
LaurelThe bay, or laurel plantLatin
LeahWeary oneHebrew
LeilaniHeavenly flowerPolynesian
10 more rows

What French girl names mean grace? ›

Ninette is a classic French name meaning 'Grace and favour.

What French name means happy? ›

Felicia: Derives from the word meaning 'happy' in French.

What French girl name means light? ›

Hélène is a French girls name that means 'light'. It is derived from the ancient Greek, meaning 'torch', and is popular in France.

What is a rarest girl name? ›

What Are The Rarest Names For Girls?
  1. Aella. Origin: Ancient Greek name. Meaning: “Whirlwind” or “tempest”
  2. Alohi. Origin: Hawaiian girl name. Meaning: “Shining” or “brilliant”
  3. Caitronia. Origin: Gaelic. ...
  4. Novalie. Origin: Latin. ...
  5. Ottiline. Origin: French and German girl name. ...
  6. Tamsyn. Origin: Cornish.

Is royalty a girl name? ›

Royalty is a gender-neutral name of American, English, and Latin origin that truly speaks for itself. Meaning “noble kin,” this name will surely tell every person that baby interacts with that they have a majestic, regal spirit.

What girl name means most beautiful? ›

Calista. This name is the feminine form of Callistus, which means “most beautiful” in Greek.

What French girl name means victory? ›

Victoire Origin and Meaning

The name Victoire is girl's name of French origin meaning "victory". Adds French flair to Victoria, though many Americans would find pronunciation a challenge.

What French girl name means Pearl? ›

Magalie. Magalie means "pearl," so it's the perfect name for your precious daughter. It's also another example of France's obsession with ocean-themed names.

What is the French name of lily? ›

The fleur-de-lis, also spelled fleur-de-lys (plural fleurs-de-lis or fleurs-de-lys), is a lily (in French, fleur and lis mean 'flower' and 'lily' respectively) that is used as a decorative design or symbol.

What is a rare French name? ›

French names for boys that are uncommon in the US but rank in the France Top 100 include Maël, Gabin, Clément, Marceau, Sohan, Maxence, Malo, and Basile. Stylish French names that are rare in both the US and France include Amaury, Corentin, Sylvain, and Victorien.

What name means God loves me? ›

Femi. Femi is a Nigerian name that means "love me" in Yoruba. It's often short for Olufemi, which means "God loves me."

What name means God's love? ›

Abasiama: Meaning “God love” in Ibibo. Agapi: Meaning “God is love” in Greek. Amadea: Meaning “God's beloved” in Latin. Amadeus: Meaning “lover of God” in Latin.

What French girl names mean loyal? ›

LeolaA French name for girls, Leola means loyalty. A similar name is Leya, which comes from Spain and means the same thing.

What are names that mean honey? ›

Names meaning "honey"
  • Pamela.
  • Honey.
  • Madhav.
  • Lindy.
  • Pam.
  • Madhu.
  • Mellina.
  • Meline.

What female name means sweet? ›

Dulcie. Dulcie is a name that stems from the Latin word dulcis, meaning sweet. This root word is behind the French word for sweet, douce, and the Italian word for sweet, dolce.

Is there another name for honey? ›

synonyms for honey

On this page you'll find 30 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to honey, such as: darling, dear, dearie, deary, sweet, and sweetheart.

What names are similar to honey? ›

20 Names Similar to Honey
  • Cherry.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Love.
  • Blossom.
  • Bambi.
  • Fawn.
  • Rainbow.
  • Bluebell.

What is the old name for honey? ›

By their estimation, the original word for "honey" was melit, which gave Greek its melis, Latin its mel, Sanskrit its madhu, and us, eventually, words like "mellifluous" and "Melissa."

What is the short form of name honey? ›

Hon is a short form of honey.

What name means prettiest? ›

Along with Astrid and Bella, other names meaning beautiful in the US Top 1000 include Alana, Beau, Bonnie, Ingrid, Jamal, Jolie, Memphis, and Zain. Other intriguing names that mean beautiful include Mika, Nomi, Callista, and Rumi.

What name means pretty lady? ›

Girl baby names that mean beautiful
  • Venus. Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty and love, so giving this name to your little one will hopefully give them her blessings. ...
  • Calista. ...
  • Calliope. ...
  • Naomi/Nomi. ...
  • Linda. ...
  • Mabel. ...
  • Aden. ...
  • Kenneth.
Apr 9, 2019

Is honey a romantic word? ›

Honey/hun. Another word that tends to get shortened slightly in common usage – this happens often with terms of affection. Honey is a word that's typically used between couples, but rarely by strangers.

What is the Latin name of honey? ›

Apis mellifera | i5k Workspace@NAL.

What is another color for honey? ›

However, honey actually comes in a myriad of colors, ranging from the transparent or “white” variety to the dark “deep amber”. There are also incidents of unusually colored honey, like red or blue-green. Honey bees forage for both nectar and pollen.

Is honey a rare name? ›

In 2021 there were 131 baby girls named Honey. 1 out of every 13,584 baby girls born in 2021 are named Honey.

What Japanese name means honey? ›

Mitsu. The meaning of Mitsu is “honey.”

Is honey a pet name? ›

In most states, the second most popular pet name was honey/hun/honeybunch. This name is particularly popular in the southeastern and northwestern parts of the United States. We particularly love “honey” because it could just as easily be coming from your partner or your grandma.


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